Software for Statistical Folding of Nucleic Acids and Studies of Regulatory RNAs

Output for STarMir Prediction model training data (species): V-CLIP (human)
Interactive site viewer for miRNA: and target: NM_017589







Output for download
Features and predictions for 3'UTR-seed sites No sites for this case
Features and predictions for 3'UTR-seedless sites 3UTR_seedless_sites.txt
Features and predictions for CDS-seed sites CDS_seed_sites.txt
Features and predictions for CDS-seedless sites CDS_seedless_sites.txt
Features and predictions for 5'UTR-seed sites No sites for this case
Features and predictions for 5'UTR-seedless sites 5UTR_seedless_sites.txt
Predicted conformations for all sites conformation_all_sites.out
Probabilities for single-stranded bases at target sites siteprob.out
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