Request Form for Sfold Executable Code for Academic Users

This form is for requesting a copy of the Sfold Executable Code for Academic Users. Please read the license agreement, then fill out the form completely and check the box at the end to acknowledge your acceptance of the agreement. Upon submission of this form, an email notification will be sent to you with a link to download the program.

The current version of the Sfold Executable Code for Academic Users is 2.2. It currently runs on Linux (i386/x86_64), and Solaris (x86_64). Other prerequisites to run the software and instructions to configure the software on your machine are documented in this README.

Your information is used for grant reporting purpose and will NOT be given to any outside entity other than our funding agencies.

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I acknowledge that I am an academic researcher requesting the use of Sfold Executable Code for noncommercial, nonprofit internal research purposes, and I have read and understood the terms of the license agreement.