Software for Statistical Folding of Nucleic Acids and Studies of Regulatory RNAs

Wednesday July 17, 2024

STarMir 35287 sequences folded since March 1, 2007
Model for prediction*
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microRNA sequence(s)*
microRNA ID(s)
(miRBase release 20; e.g., hsa-let-7a-3p)

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Single target sequence*
RefSeq ID (e.g., NM_017589)
Sequence from NCBI RefSeq Build 36.3 for human or Build 37.2 for mouse will be used
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For a sequence with length over limit, only the 5,000 nts starting from the 5' end will be used

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If an email address is provided, the user will be sent a notification when the job is complete

Estimated processing time: three minutes for 500 nts, five minutes for 1,000 nts, 30 minutes for 2,000 nts, two hours for 3,000 nts, five hours for 4,000 nts and nine hours for 5,000 nts

fold 2.2
- Ding RNA Bioinformatics Lab